Monday, August 14, 2006

The Depth of Christ's Love

In my 30-35 minute drive to and from work I have the oppurtunity to listen to some great sermons by a handful of different people. John Piper is probably who I listen to the most during these drives. The past week I've been listening to a series he did in 1995 on Love. There were four incredible sermons in the middle of this series focusing on the depth of Christ's love for us. Check out one or all of these manuscripts. They will do much do enrich understanding in the incredible sacrifice and gift of Christ. Or go here to get the audio versions.

The Cost

It's Undeserving Objects

It's Lavish Benefits

It's Freedom

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  1. Update this thing, man!

    I just found out Monday that you moved. As you know, your new roommate is pretty awesome...which is what I told him about you.

    We need to hang SOON!